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….There are many delights in listening to The Ed Palermo Big Band – the expert musicianship, the lovely tunes, the energy, but also the joy of hearing unexpected snatches of other tunes which Palermo can’t resist slipping in. As he says: “Nothing is sacred and everything is sacred.  It’s all done with love." - London Jazz News

“I can’t tell you how many ditches Ed Palermo has dug me out of in the last 16 years. I love his writing, his band and who he is as a person.”
- Christian McBride

"I want to thank Ed once again for this astounding and unexpected tribute. It's almost like a book. My story – a biographical acknowledgment, but in music rather than words. Thank you, Ed, for this unique and unusual gift. I am so touched! Continue exploring, expanding, and doing what you're doing. You are on a worthwhile path. Keep up the great work." - Edgar Winter, September 2021
GUASB 3-Front Cover-LOW_RES.jpg

"Ed has made a really fine album here - an audio love letter to the best of the British Invasion, with an ample dose of Zappa mixed in. The Ed Palermo Big Band is in fine form, swinging with abandon and performing Palermo arrangements that turn on a dime, play havoc with time signatures, and flirt dangerously close - for a Big Band - with rock and pop” - Bert Saraco/The Phantom Tollbooth

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