….There are many delights in listening to The Ed Palermo Big Band – the expert musicianship, the lovely tunes, the energy, but also the joy of hearing unexpected snatches of other tunes which Palermo can’t resist slipping in. As he says: “Nothing is sacred and everything is sacred.  It’s all done with love." - London Jazz News

“I can’t tell you how many ditches Ed Palermo has dug me out of in the last 16 years. I love his writing, his band and who he is as a person.”
- Christian McBride

"I want to thank Ed once again for this astounding and unexpected tribute. It's almost like a book. My story – a biographical acknowledgment, but in music rather than words. Thank you, Ed, for this unique and unusual gift. I am so touched! Continue exploring, expanding, and doing what you're doing. You are on a worthwhile path. Keep up the great work." - Edgar Winter, September 2021
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